I guess we’re back to real life. Tal is gone and Ernie’s off to have his kidney stent replaced.

I woke up yesterday and I had that little pit in my stomach which means something bad is going to happen, then I remembered what it was….Tal was going home. I hated to have her leave and can’t imagine how hard it was for the two of them.

We had Last Day of Tal biscuits for breakfast. The shakers had them plain, Ernie and I had bacon and some of the nice cheddar that was left from the party. Damned good, Ernie. Damned good.

Later, Steve and Dick helped move a couch and chair over we’d gotten from a friend. Our old sectional couch in the media room served us well, but it was time. We got it a long time ago and it was perfect when the boys were little and we’d all curl up to watch movies together. Now, not so much. Hattie had taken over one end of it and before he left us Bob had shredded most of the cushions.

Hattie and I sat and watched (as I said to Dick, you know your cat is old when there’s an open door and she just stays curled up on you) as they moved things in and out calmly and cheerfully. They were amazing.

It’s a work in progress….pictures to follow soon.

So the media room couch got moved next to the trash (reminder: don’t forget to call the trash company), the red living room couch got moved into the media room and the new couch took over in the living room. Of course after moving the sectional out we found all sorts of detritus that had slipped under the couch or the little end table that was tightly stuffed into the tiny available space. Look what we found. At this point I think I barely remember looking like that. And look at Ernie in a rare short haired phase!

“We” moved things around in the media room. I think it will be much nicer once we’re done. Hattie does not seem to be pleased but she’s toughed out bigger changes than this so she’ll be ok.

Eileen’s old quilt which I am so happy to have. Side note: as I keep saying to Ernie, it’s going to be the god damn cords that are going to kill us…

Now to wait for Ernie. His wonderful brother Dennis took him to his procedure. I am so appreciative.

Ok. Onward. Back to real life.

Top photo: Ernie today, before leaving for Carle.

Oh, and I apologize, but I’m just too tired to figure out why the spacing is screwed up. Sigh.