Yesterday afternoon Ernie was sipping a glass of wine while jigsaw puzzling in the dining room and I was sitting in the media room sipping a glass of wine and playing YouTube videos on the tv and I realized that my heart felt full.

An old friend of Ernie’s, I mean wayyyy back, before my time kind of friend, came up from Texas for a few days to see him. He and Robay have known each other since they worked at the base together. I wish I had older pictures of them when they hung out together. This is the oldest I have, when he visited 20+ years ago. Look, we still had a whole patio fence and it was someplace to sit and enjoy rather than look at and sigh. Ha.

And here they are today. He was here for three days and it took me until the third day to get a picture without Ernie looking goofy. God, I love my boy.

Robay was lovely. He’s one of those people that is very easy to be with and he loves Ernie, which of courses makes me love him all the more. Thanks, Robay. ❤️

He took off on Saturday. On Sunday we got a knock on our front door and who was it but our beloved Kenny Draznik. I don’t know that anything could have delighted me more. He was in town to finish recording a song for Jeff. We talked about everything from losing Jeff to our kids to walking aids. Life changes but it is good. Thank you, Kenny.

And so later in the day as I sat there playing old videos I had taken of show and Ernie worked on his puzzle, no wonder my heart felt full.

We are so fortunate. We have our challenges but in other ways we are extraordinarily lucky.

Now a few random notes.

Leo did a live DJ set for his Pendulum online group last night. We were able to listen on youtube. He also announced his wedding as he and Tal are both part of the group. This clip starts with the song he and Tal chose for it.

Today is in fact Leo’s birthday and while I rationally know he’s all grown up and married, this is kinda how I still see him.

or at least like this:

Dinner last night. Country style pork ribs slow roasted with hoisin, soy sauce and lime juice. Nishiki rice on the side and mixed greens. Delightful and kind of fall-like for no reason at all.

And just like with a childhood grilled cheese, the best part of the cheese and arugula quesadilla that Ernie makes me, is the cheese that creeps out and gets crispy.

Happy October all. Onward.