The party was a great success. However, I’d sorta forgotten that making appetizers for a party of forty people was, um, a fair amount of work.

This is when I remembered I’m really bad at fiddly appetizers. Don’t worry, I got better as I went along.

As I was frantically wrapping dates in bacon around 4 pm I thought, “WHY is no one helping us?” Then I remembered why. I either hadn’t asked or I’d turned down offers of help. I’m an idiot. People are alway so generous bringing things to our house concerts and doing things for us that I just wanted to be generous back. Cooking is, sadly, tough on my back though. I think that’s why when Ann showed up a little early, cakes in hand, I burst into tears like a little kid with a scraped knee who sees their mother. “Nothing has gone right today. The eggs are overcooked, the puff pastry is a mess, the Brussels sprouts are too done, the baguette pieces got too crispy and my back hurts.” God, I love her so much. She calmed me down and took over. Heather showed up and the two of them just took care of everything. I swallowed a pain pill and sat down with a glass of wine. As always, I really adore my friends. And at the end of the night I normally refuse all offers of help. I didn’t this time and it was glorious. Love and thanks to Bob, Ann and Heather (and anyone else I missed).

Even more than my friends however, I absolutely adore these two. My salt and pepper shakers, the newlyweds. Leo and Tal.

So many friends came from all different phases of Leo’s life. It did my heart good. Ann made a glorious cake, complete with rose petals and rosebuds from her yard. If I didn’t love her so much I’d hate her.

It just felt like a joyous evening. So many smiles and much laughter. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough seating but then I realized we had invited a good number of young folk so we were fine. Sometimes it feels so odd to be the older generation but it’s not all bad, not all bad at all.

One of my favorite shots of the night. Eva was our official photographer and damn, she is good. Here she is at the end of the evening with Leo and Tal. Thanks, Eva!

Thanks to everyone that came and all that wanted to be there but couldn’t make it. We love you all. And thank you most of all to Pendulum for starting this whole thing off. If it weren’t for them, Leo wouldn’t have gone to England and met Tal!

Here are some more pics. Click to see the whole image.

Onward. Onward for the salt and pepper shakers. ❤️