Maybe November will be a better month. Wait, I know, we had good results last week. Just got the full results online and read over them. I am indeed pleased the liver lesions were reduced in size or disappeared but then again that means there ARE still lesions on his liver and it appears that his bladder tumor has not shrunk from the Keytruda. Eh, I don’t know. We’ll talk more with our beloved Vasireddy when we see him next.

Yesterday was our anniversary. I searched for pics but couldn’t find the one I wanted. Today I dragged the box of photos and found a few to scan.

You know, we had our wedding in our apartment in Rogers Park in Chicago. It was a beautiful fall day. It was mostly just family for the ceremony and then we had friends over for party afterwards. Eventually it got down to just a few of us and we wandered over to the esteemed Lighthouse, our neighborhood bar. Lots of folks bought us drinks….bought us drinks for months actually. I look back now and think, damn we must have been cute, showing up all giggly and happy in our wedding clothes…no wonder they bought us drinks.

I started off the anniversary celebration by falling first thing in morning. I am often at my shakiest first thing in the morning. Yesterday I was super shaky standing as I brushed my teeth. I sat down for a minute and then grabbed Joe to head downstairs. As I was going down the steps I knew I was shaky and getting shakier. All sorts of thoughts of what to do were running through my head but there’s no perfect answer. I got down to the last step and down I went. I must say I went down in both an elegant and practical manner if I do say so myself. I just ended up sitting on the bottom step. Ernie came running. I got my breath and sat for a minute. The worst thing about falling, as long as you don’t hurt yourself, is the mental side of it. It creates fear and fear doesn’t help anyone. I managed to haul myself up one step back and was able to stand from there. I must admit to being pretty nervous about coming downstairs today but I did fine.

The fall did throw us off a bit but Ernie made Sunday biscuits which were stellar as always.

Mostly we enjoyed the rain and gloom and watched a bunch of episodes of House. We did do a few other things too but it was definitely a quiet day. Steve came by with end-of-the-garden gifts (and some wine, thank you, thank you). Eventually Ernie and I looked at each other and said, “Do you feel like cooking?” We both shrugged so we had some of leftovers from our Greekish dish, adding greens and cherry tomatoes to it. Candy corn for dessert. We’ll try again tonight.

Today, my phone rang, a call from Owen, a call instead of a text is unusual and I could tell when I answered that he was all stressed out. He and Trinity are in St. Louis for a few days for an anniversary celebration of their own and their car got broken into…and the window was smashed. I am immensely honored that he calls me when doesn’t know what to do. I told him to call the insurance company and he texted me later to say it would be fixed tomorrow. Poor sweet peas. I feel so bad for them. They really needed this break.

I had lots of other things I wanted to write about but they have scurried out of my brain. I’ll share the Voelkl girls’ Halloween from quite a few years ago. Look at our smiles. So innocent.

And lastly, a few it’s-gonna-freeze-soon shots from our yard. All that zinnia angst in the spring, but thanks to friends, I got my zinnias. Thank you all.

These are Ernie’s favorite zinnias. Somehow one little seed rolled between the cracks of what we laughingly call the patio. It popped up and Ernie felt very protective of it I was sure it would get pulled out or knocked aside but it persevered and we love it.