Such a beautiful weekend! I’m feeling better and whatever I had seems to have morphed into a cold. Oh well, what can you do? I’m sitting here, turning my head to admire leaves every so often, and trying to catch up on a few emails and the like.

This morning Ernie mentioned to me that a neighbor had some stuff sitting in a little giveaway pile. Good man that he is he had photographed it for me. I hemmed and hawed. The last thing I need is more things…..and then I sent him over to get a couple of the things. I couldn’t just leave them there to die, could I?

Why do I feel the need to rescue these things? I’m the person that will buy damaged flint glass because I just worry nobody else will. It’s a good thing I can’t afford property or I’d be best friends with the Cheap Old Houses folks.

I haven’t seen my friend Teri in far too long. Yesterday afternoon she came over and we all drank wine and played Jeff’s jukebox and I think I got tipsier than I have in a very long time. It felt good. We jettisoned our plans for dinner, made sandwiches and curled up. It was restorative.

Now, an important question. Why are the regular candy corn longer and THREE colors and the ones I like, with the chocolatish bottoms, are shorter and only two colors? Teri said the bigger question was why anyone eats it. I explained that IT’S ALL CEAL ALLEN’S FAULT. Ernie loves candy corn and Ceal once brought him a jar of candy corn and peanuts mixed together. I swear to God… was heavenly…tasted just like a PayDay bar!

Sunday morning biscuits with some good cheddar left over from the party, bacon and some of the honey-horseradish-Dijon mustard I had mixed up. Delightful.

Ernie loves the zinnias at this stage of opening, when they look as though they are trimmed in white.

Wait….what is this little yellow flower?

We’re gearing up for a busy week. A trip to St. Louis for scans, odds and ends appointments, and an infusion.


One thought on “Sunday musings, October 22, 2023

  1. Looks like a small Stella d’Oro daylily. Your zinnia pix are always so gorgeous!
    I have some pix from the Talabration that I need to send you…soon!