Yesterday was a big day. Jeff’s jukebox moved to our house. It now sits under a Greta painting that Sasha gave us for our wedding. It seems perfect. Ernie said the jukebox seems mighty and proud sitting there.

But it was not exactly an easy move. Nobody could find the key so we couldn’t take the records out. And the thing weighed a ton I say ‘we’ but obviously I had nothing to do with it. Duncan and Bob were our heroes. Once Duncan agreed to help and use his truck we tried to figure out who else to ask. All our friends are old we realized. Then we thought of Bob. He’s old (sorry, Bob) but he’s strong! He’d already run a marathon or some such thing that morning. Duncan and Bob, we salute you! Owen and Leo of course didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I sat inside the living room afraid to look as I sat listening to the grunting as they got it up our steps. Owen stated that it would go down with the house. I said they’d have to deal with it when we die. Leo calmly said they would hire a mover. Bob said we should get a hose and rinse the steps of all the testosterone dripping on them.

Debbie was going to check to see if the key was with some things at her house. Crossed fingers that she finds it although Leo has offered to pick the lock. Always interesting to find out more about your children.

Ernie picked the Byrds for the first song and danced in joy. Then he picked a Steve Miller song and it got stuck. We had to shut it down. I said he should have let ME pick the second song. We’ll get it sorted out. And a little bit of Jeff will be in our house.

A picture of Jeff Ernie saw in his house.

Love you, Jeff.