Yesterday was big and long and wonderful and exhausting and all sorts of other things. It was our beloved friend Jeff’s celebration of life.

Kudos to our beloved Debbie Stewart for putting it altogether as well as everything she did for Jeff during his life and beyond. She is brilliant and I love her.

I was both dreading this and looking forward to it. I knew it would be hard but I was also excited that we would be seeing so many dear friends. Life is full of these sweet-salty kind of moments, some easier than others.

Of course this morning I keep thinking of the people I saw across the room but never got a chance to talk to or hug but that’s the nature of these kinds of things I suppose.

It might sound cliched but there was SO much love for Jeff in that room. So much love. Everyone that spoke was wonderful, Debbie Stewart funny and moving, Mark Rubel insightful and beautiful (and funny), and Steve Lindstrom remains one of the most articulate and erudite people I know. I love them all.

Kenny Draznik and Jimmy Wald played several songs and sounded great. I loved the songs, Kenny. Jimmy sang Heart Touchers and it did just that and brought me back to Mabel’s and that time in my life. Can still sing just about every word.

Of course, when the two of them play together there is always a moment or two when Kenny is laughing at Jimmy.

Later the three remaining members of Captain Rat did a song or two. Matt Stewart and few others did some songs later but I’m afraid I mostly missed them because my back had requested a more comfortable chair outside the room.

Lynn Canfield sat next to us with Mr. French (the parrot) perched on her lap. I love her. Here is Jeff’s mom talking to Mr. French.

Jeff’s mother spoke and was absolutely perfect. I got to hug people I don’t see often, my beloved Steve Scariano and Pat Daily and Paul Budin and Tim Williams and, and, and so many others. We are incredibly lucky to have such dear, smart, funny, beautiful friends.

There is much more in my heart but that’s all I can let out at the moment.

Here’s the video I put together of Jeff. I added a couple of pictures that I’d forgotten. It was truly a labor of love to put this together and it gave me hours to think about Jeff.

I love you, Jeff. You’ll aways be in my heart.

One thought on “Jeffrey L Evans Celebration of Life

  1. Thanks to having caught one of the viruses running around, I could not attend, although I very much wanted to and am glad to see so many participated.
    Peace to Jeff and all those left behind.