Does anyone else go online and read the doctor’s notes after an appointment? I should stop because they occasionally infuriate me. Most are just fine but boy do I appreciate those that take notes throughout the appointment. Mostly, the things that irritate me are minor but lord it bugs me to have my words being misrepresented.

I saw an ophthalmologist the other day about my droopy eye. That’s right: singular. EYE. The notes say “Patient reports superior visual visual field loss Both eyes: affecting activities of daily living.” NO, patient said ONE EYE, not both. Ok, no big deal. Then there is this: “pathophysiology of cataracts were discussed. Questions were elicited and addressed.” NO, they were NOT. We didn’t discuss cataracts. I know I have the beginnings of cataracts, but I know that from previous visits. We did NOT discuss the pathophysiology of cataracts and no questions about them were elicited, much less addressed. Again, not a big deal, and overall I liked the doctor and I completely understand that insurance needs me to be 1 mm droopier, but still…

Ok, maybe I’m just irritable because I’m at minute 33 of being on hold to make an appointment. Sometimes they give you an option to get a call back but this one doesn’t. It’s like waiting for an elevator…when you get a certain amount of time invested, it’s hard to give up.

Ok, on to other topics such as, why on earth am I able to watch Thanksgiving cooking shows no matter how terrible they are? I don’t know, but I can. I was watching The Kitchen on Food Network (why so much screeching, people?) and somebody commented on the turkey another host was working on, saying, “Wow, that’s a big’un, maybe 12 pounds?” What on earth people? When has a 12 pound turkey been a “big’un?” I ask you.

Another host made a ranch flavored turkey using, you got it, a Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet. Oh, it probably tasted good but honestly, the only thing I want ranch flavor on is a Dorito.

I watched one the other day in which they were giving tips for Thanksgiving and Sunny Anderson said, “You’re setting your table for Thanksgiving and you’re saying to yourself, do I have enough vessels for the things that go with the sides…If you don’t have a gravy boat…you can use a tiny little container that you might use to pour things out” and shows a sugar bowl and creamer and points to the creamer. I mean, she describes a creamer as “something you might use to pour things out.” I don’t know about you but this shit cracks me up.

Ok, minute 40 on hold. I may have to give up.

Minute 44:16: just made an appointment!!


Top photo: Yes, our tv is blue. Every so often it flashes back but overall it’s getting bluer (Blue and getting bluer…oh, now I have David Olney in my head!!) Listen to this. I love the way the crashes, etc get louder and louder toward the end. Oh, and you can hear Henderson’s guitar in there too.

One thought on “Life’s a mystery to me ~Olney

  1. You crack me up. However, I will remind you that it has been your job to explain things plainly online. You are very free to be annoyed with things now.