Dinner last night. Ok, not the most beautiful but really damned good. A couple of pieces of bacon, brown the gnocchi in the same pan, add several handfuls of spinach, cover until wilted, add a few tablespoons of mascarpone, stir and a bit of parmesan sprinkled on top. SO GOOD. Next time, less bacon and tons more spinach. Even though I know it shrinks to nothing, it still always surprises me. Normally I wouldn’t add mascarpone but we had some leftover in the refrigerator. You wouldn’t even guess it was there except for a very slight creaminess.

Although I know this sign is so huge because of the nearby highway, I still feel as though they made it this big just for me. It tickles me no end.

A child’s playhouse in Alton, Illinois. It was built for Lucy Jane Haskell by her grandfather, John E. Hayner as a gift for her fifth birthday in 1885. Lucy died of diphtheria four years later. Her mother died in the 1930s and donated her home and property to be used as a playground and facility for children. The playhouse was to be retained forever in memory of Lucy.

My beautiful girl. No matter how ragged she looks overall, that face of hers is always beautiful. #greeneyedlady

Back on the smoothie train and man, oh man it tastes good. Sadly (for him), Ernie had learned how to make them perfectly. It’s his own damn fault people. Frozen blueberries, coconut, salad greens, 1/4 of a cooked sweet potato. Delightful. A morning study: stress turkey, pain pills, the remains of a smoothie and the sun.

When leaving Barnes last week we headed up toward Alton only to do a u-turn when we saw this. I wish we could still go to the Top of Tower Restaurant.

Mystery spice. Possibly white pepper? Slightly floral scent. Any other ideas?

Ok, that’s all I have today.