I don’t think this little puppywood has ever given me as much pleasure as it has this fall. Although it may be that I say that every year. The light hits it just right when I get up in the morning and the red leave glow. I noticed this morning that there aren’t too many leaves left so Ernie went and took a picture for me.

I love fall cooking. Pomegranates, green tomatoes, and the green tomatoes that gave in and turned red and yellow.

We always do snack food for award shows. Last night we made nachos for the CMA’s. Tortilla chips, ground beef seasoned with ancho chili powder, cumin and I forget what else, sliced green olives, then some cheese on top and served with sour cream and a low fodmap salsa. The salsa is pretty good but with chips alone it can be eh, it was great with this. Our avocado wasn’t ripe enough but we weren’t complaining it tasted really good. Ernie did a great job not putting too much cheese on. This morning we heated up leftovers in the oven and ate them sans sour cream and salsa. DAMN it was good. I think sometimes when you cook with flavors you don’t use as often it makes you appreciate it more. No soggy chips anywhere and this morning some of the cheese got browned and a bit crunchy. We didn’t actually last with the awards very long. I got to see our beloved Jelly Roll (or, as Ernie says, ‘my man, ROLL) do a somewhat um, odd duet with Wynona and that was good enough for me. Luke Bryan did a medley and I gave up and went to bed to read. Ernie texted me first thing in the morning to say that Jelly Roll won best new artist.

The other night we did our roast chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli. We didn’t have any fresh broccoli so we tossed some frozen in at the halfway mark and it worked just fine. #lazycooking

Got our gravy base made today and it was goooood. As I told Owen, I am going to try to redeem myself from last year’s subpar cooking (honestly, it really was subpar, even Owen and Ernie don’t deny it). Gotta give it to Alison Roman….this recipe for browned butter gravy turned out really good. Now off to the freezer it goes.

An early happy thanksgiving to the squirrels.