When we got home from Jeff’s memorial the other night we were so tired we could barely move. Emotional, physical…just all of it hit. Oh, and Ernie managed to pull a muscle in his neck/shoulder/back vicinity. He’s still struggling with it but hell, he’s already on a lot of painkillers. Bob did deliver a heating pad just now, hopefully that will help.

Sunday morning he worked through it and made what may have been his best biscuits yet. My guy. The mustard man.

We met Ann and Bob at Huber’s last night and it was lovely. Always makes me feel more myself.

Today our goals are small. Clear off the dining room table of its jigsaw puzzle in progress, the pile of clean laundry and various other assorted detritus. I get to make the cranberry sauce and make my meat pie (tourtière) to have on Wednesday evening. Last year I was so fried that I skipped it (on Christmas Eve too) and it made me very sad every time I thought about that it throughout the year. So this year, while I may be simplifying to everyday china and silverware that can go in the dish washer—and maybe a few less menu items, we WILL have meat pie. For me, for Ernie, and for my maternal lineage going back to Quebec!

Thanksgiving Simplified 2023

Plain old cheese and crackers for an appetizer. Maybe some kind of salumi too. Boo is bringing the cheese. Thank you, Boo!

Turkey. I’m planning to spatchcock it but given the state of Ernie’s shoulder we may skip that and just roast it upside down. Hmmm…that means it would have to go in earlier. Gonna have to think more about this. No fancy seasoning, just some salt and pepper.

Brown Butter Gravy (already made, just need to add pan drippings)

Stuffing. Ok, dressing, whatever. Yet again I will attempt to make a decent gluten-free stuffing. No promises. With sausage and apple.

Mashed potatoes from Owen and Trinity

Brussels sprouts, roasted with a vinaigrette

French carrot salad so we something fresh and crunchy on the plate

Cranberry sauce Maybe with candied ginger?


Gluten free apple pie bars made by us

PIE! made by Boo

Man, that does look really simple but I’m going to try to resist the urge to start adding things.