Why Sandwich Life? I have written a blog for many years called The Sandwich Life. I started it when I had elderly parents and very young children, hence the name. When setting up a house concert a few years after starting my blog, the booking person asked me if I had a name for the series. It was barely a series at the time so I hadn’t even thought about naming it; he said, “Well, I’ll just call it Sandwich Life House Concerts then,” and I agreed. Now I take it one step further, and it becomes the name of my consulting business. The sandwich marches on.

Originally from the Chicago area, I have lived in Champaign, Illinois for many years. I love this town and am grateful for the large network of friends and contacts I have throughout the community. I have worked at numerous non-profits over the years, as well as having my own antiques business. I oversaw social media and marketing for a teaching facility at the University of Illinois, and now happily bring the skills honed throughout my career to other businesses and organizations. Contact me to talk about your social media and content needs, and how I can help.

My passions are music, architecture, back roads, old signs, cooking, 19th-century American glass and antiques, and my family.