Goblets on a Guitar

When your husband buys flint goblets at a sale and lines them up on a guitar case so he can take a picture to send to you at work….these are the moments that make you think about how damn much you like him.

IMG_2206 (1)

Yesterday was a long, long, long day. I had my ultrasounds in the morning. My bladder wasn't full enough so they sent me back to the lobby to drink more water. I've had an internal ultrasound before but I don't remember it being as unpleasant as this one was. I mean the women doing it was great, it didn't hurt, but there's just a point where you want to scream, "GET THAT THING OUT OF ME." Yeah. We eventually got through all that, went home, ate lunch, and then headed off to see the oncologist. We love him so. I really want him to just be our primary care doctor too. Ernie's numbers were better than last month so I was pleased. All in all, just a long day, but today is Friday and tomorrow is Ian Hunter. And we have a guitar case of goblets.