Matt Greig and the YouTube Antique Rabbit Hole

A few months ago I came across some of Matt Greig‘s YouTube videos about selling antiques. I started watching them occasionally…then Ernie got hooked. Eventually we went back to the beginning and have watched every damn one. EVERY DAMN ONE, Matt!

I fell in love with these videos showing what it’s really like setting up, and packing up at an antique show. Back when we were doing shows Ernie always thought there should be a beer commercial about antique dealers. You know….showing them setting up, selling, packing up and then having a beer and saying, ‘now, it’s time for a beer,’ kind of thing. These would be perfect.

I’m also drawn to Greig’s videos because he loves early glass (and signs). Every time he walks through a show and comments, “It’s nice to see some early glass,” my heart agrees. He carries lots of folk art/funky things but you can tell he really knows his early stuff as well. I love some of the music in his videos too.

I don’t know why I’d never gone down the antiques/YouTube rabbit hole before now. I’ve now tried some others…but I love these. Don’t forget to click to follow if you like them.

Top photo: a screen shot of my YouTube recommendations. It all makes mostly sense except for the Palm Beach Live Stream from the Church of Christ. Where the hell did that come from?