Buster and the Hard Stuff

It’s been a hell of a week.

I put the photo of the best moment at the top of this post. Cosmic Charlie and Carrie Chandler (two thirds of Carrie Sue and the Woodburners). They were wonderful and did my heart SO much good. We wholeheartedly recommend them. Long live the mighty Rosebowl.

OK, here goes. We woke up Monday, no, wait, Tuesday, in foul moods. Not irritated with each other but definitely not pleased with the world. Teri had invited us to her Rotary meeting and that’s where Charlie and Carrie played. As I mentioned, they were great and it was nice to chat for a moment too. Live music forever.

Ernie had dropped me off pretty close to the Lake House. I used Joe (the shillelagh) and was doing ok although it was a harder walk than I expected. And as someone with mobility issues I must say that the toilet in the Lake House is possibly the lowest I’ve ever rested on. I was quite amused but managed to get up. I headed outside knowing Ernie would catch up but I got just a little ways and realized my legs were not working the way one would expect one’s legs to work. I leaned against the wall. Teri ran to get a chair and a truly kind woman named Linda stood with me, kind of propping me up while Ernie ran to get Red Rider (the walker). I just didn’t expect this so I was a bit freaked out. I thanked Linda and made it to the car with Red Rider but it wasn’t easy. I was, of course, in tears by that point. We were supposed to head over to Carle so Ernie could get platelets. Instead he raced me home and got me in the house because I didn’t think I could navigate Carle at the moment. He got his platelets but when they tested him again, his count was even lower. Geesh.

Yesterday we headed back to Carle. I got to the doctor’s office for the appointment but I mustn’t have looked on top of things as the nurse offered me water. Lord she was kind. She’s one of our favorites. I know I complain here and there about Carle but there are some extraordinarily kind folks there, particularly in the Cancer Center and Vasireddy worlds.

Yesterday was a great day for clouds…view from the Cancer Center valet parking

The Pod Gods must have known we needed a break because we got POD FOUR!!! Pod Four in the Infusion Suite is just is a bit more private and quiet and that can make a huge difference. He was just getting Keytruda so we were out before noon.

Unfortunately I am still having difficulty walking much. Getting upstairs last night was harrowing. Today there’s stuff I need to get done but I’m trying to focus on both of us relaxing and calming down a bit. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

On the up side? There are MULTIPLE baby Busters!!! Damn, life is good despite the hard stuff.

Also, we are extraordinarily touched by the folks that have donated blood in Ernie’s Blood Drive (which goes through noon tomorrow). Truly. I’ll write more later but it means a lot to us. He heads back for a six hour infusion (only two hours for platelets, the rest is an infusion for his immune system) on Monday. Funny how your perspective of what is important changes as you move through life.


Oh, wait, one more thing. You gotta admit…. Buster and the Hard Stuff would be a great band name. I mean I still want The Cynthias who will cover all my favorite songs but I really like Buster and the Hard Stuff for originals.

Buster II is recovering from the woodchuck attack. We’re not asking which woodchuck did it.
Hoping to have some Jon Byrd news soon!

It’s feeling like summertime

What a lovely weekend it was. Weather wise (oh, wait, Friday was rainy I guess) but mostly people wise.

Saturday I wimped out and didn’t go to see our beloved Michael Coulter’s artwork at the inimitable Loose Cobra. My legs and back were just not in the best of form. However, my beloved didn’t once waffle about not going, despite me not going, which pleased me greatly.

I just realized this is us at the Iowa Falls Popcorn Stand. Now I love it more than ever!

Sunday we ventured out to the Rosebowl to see dear friend Jay Rosenstein play. Every time he plays I plan to go and I just never do. I’m an idiot. Lord, he sounded wonderful and it felt so good to be out. Sitting under the Rosebowl tent, a glass of wine for me, some NA beer for Ernie, seeing so many friends and experiencing wonderful live music. Ahh. Truly doesn’t get much better. Thanks, Jay. ❤️


Oh, oh, oh, and by the way, this morning Ernie saw Mrs. Chuck leading a string of chucklings across the yard next door. Life IS good. And Buster II seems to recovering from the woodchuck assault!

Top photo: Woke Mountain Boys (Jay Rosenstein, John Tubbs and Sean Kutzko) at the Rosebowl. Photos of Ernie, Coulter and Jimmy stolen from Teri McCarthy!

Goodbye Roger and Ceal

Last night Ernie got a voice mail from Health Alliance saying they had denied his radiation. As much as I know these things seem to always get worked out, it’s not so great for his blood pressure or mine.

Barnes was on top of it though and called him this morning. Evidently he needs another PMSA scan to be approved for the remaining rounds of Pluvicto, the previous one is too old. Of course the only the day they had available for the scan in St. Louis is the same day he’s scheduled for treatment here so that all had to be rearranged. Now I just have to redo my calendar. Appointments seem to be constantly rescheduled or added so it’s stupidly big task to keep our calendar accurate.

Woke up today to the sad news that Roger Blakley had passed. I have been missing Ceal fiercely of late, maybe this is why. I am so grateful for their friendship. They were a powerful force. We were truly fortunate to have them in our lives. It didn’t seem right for Roger to still be here without Ceal, so on that level I am relieved. Much love to their families and the oh so many that loved them, were taught by them and laughed with them.