Onward, with Complications

What a week. I could have sworn yesterday was Friday. We were watching a DVR'd Chew and I said to Ernie, I don't understand, this seems to be yesterday's." He broke it to me that it was still Thursday. A long week. I did my breath test thing yesterday which was painless. I drank some thick stuff that tasted like nothingness and then sat in the waiting room for three hours. Someone popped out and had me breathe into something every 15 minutes. It still sort of seemed like somebody was playing a joke on me but we shall see. They said to give them seven days for results. 


The first time the nurse took my breath she told me she could tell I had followed the diet I was supposed to the day before (white rice, baked or poached chicken, eggs, tea, water). I said, "You mean people don't?" and she just laughed. Man, if you feel lousy enough to have to have this test, why would you fuck it up? Then again, why do we all fuck up things we know we shouldn't? Question for the day.

I headed off to work afterward and had a semi lousy day. I came home in a foul mood but my sweet boys were nice to me and I got my newest Uncle Mistletoe Christmas ornament in the mail. Small pleasures.

Today I did some work and then went and got a mammogram. For a few terrified moments I thought I had locked myself into the little dressing room. The thought of having to pound on the door and yell, "I can't get out!" panicked me but I finally figured it out. Man I am ready for a weekend.

I'm looking forward to the three day weekend even though it may be too wet to garden, but it is layered with thoughts for friends who are dealing with the end of life for a loved one. 

It's all so complicated.