26 Hours Away of Living in the Moment: Kane Welch Kaplin and Kristi Rose

Home today even though it's Monday.  The whole family seems to have been hit with some bug although Leo has it the worst.  He's upstairs just laying in his bed being very still and looking extremely pathetic.  Owen and I have perked up some although we're still not feeling great and Ernie is the most impervious as always and is off getting his allergy shot.

What a weekend.  Started out with our weekly date at Fries and Peanuts for lunch on Friday.


After that we were lazy and hung out in the yard.  Leo had a friend for a sleepover and we retreated with our dinner to our bedroom to leave the first floor to them and hide with tv, some wine and a magazine.  Lovely.


Saturday morning we dashed over to Prairie Fruits Farm to get some kale and eggs and chevre.


and stopped at PACA's warehouse to buy some old schoolroom hooks that I'd had my eye on and then I spotted this mailbox and got it for $2.  No, I don't know what I'll do with it but I liked it…..even though Ernie laughed at me.

Leo set up a garage sale with Ricky and we took off for Ohio.  Unfortunately we learned that he only made 25 cents.  Location, location, location…..  He looked like such a happy little entrepreneur when we left though, curled up in his chair, reading a book and eating a fudgesicle….


We ran into traffic outside Indianapolis so we got there a bit later than planned.  I had gotten a hotel off Hotwire for a pretty good rate and when we pulled up…..who was standing in front of us waiting for their car…..but Kane Welch Kaplin.  So we tumbled out of the car giggling and got and gave hugs.  Then Kristi Rose walked out of the hotel and well life was feeling pretty damn good.  Our room was HUGE and delightful….I kind of wanted to move in.   We were on the 14th floor with a view of the city and lots of construction….for JUST a minute I really missed the boys….


We had a drink in the bar to get rid of the road vibrations and then trundled off to the club.  It was this wonderfully wacky little place called the Maennerchor.  I loved it!  We walked in and followed the sound of the crowd to a little bar area.  We hung out there until they opened the doors to the room and then it was a veritable Who like rush for seats.  The ever delightful Kristi Rose had saved two for us up front though so we were as happy as clams at high tide.


The guys hadn't played together for six months and yet they totally blew us—-and everybody else—away.  Amazing…..  They seemed loose and relaxed and were as entertaining and charming as ever.  They did our hearts so good….I just can't even explain it.  I'll admit that I teared up during Kieran Kane's Shadows on the Ground—that song really gets me and is somehow tied up for me with my sister's illness and death.  It felt good though and when Kevin did a particularly wonderful version of Life Down Here on Earth we just smiled at each other because that feels kind of like our clarion call at the moment.



Unfortunately it was hard to manage a picture with Fats in there….here's one.  We didn't do much in the way of pictures and video though….too busy just enjoying ourselves.


In between their sets Fats and Kristi Rose did a couple of songs—-of course outstanding!  There's a chance they may stop in town to play sometime this summer on their way further north.  Any ideas?  I was thinking Iron Post…..


the wonderfully pointy Fats and Kristi Rose…


We tried to get out of town as early as we could although I wish we could have taken more time to wander around.  As we neared Springfield, Ohio we got onto US Route 40—-it's the old National Road.  Man I
love that road.  We used to take that road a fair amount between hunting drive ins and antiques.  One of my very favorite drive ins is on that road so I wanted to see if it was still there. I was beginning to lose hope when I saw it!!  The Melody!  It's missing its Melody Cruise In sign from when I first found it some 25 years ago but it is still there and in great shape.  It made me SO happy!




We stayed on my beloved old national road until I realized it was going to take us a million years to get home….next time, next time…..


And here's Monkey Jump by Kane Welch Kaplin.  I know poor Kieran said he'd just as soon none of this showed up on youtube but as much as I love him with all my heart…..uhhhhh…..no.  Too much selfish fun for us Kieran….  Oh, and unfortunately you can only HEAR the talented Fats Kaplin….sorry Fats….