Pendulum and Pork

I’m so, so happy today because Leo and Tal had a wonderful time at the Pendulum show in London.

Tal wore a strand of lights. Yes, I love her.

One of the best things about this picture is that I know he had someone take this picture just to shut me up.

Things were much quieter here. It didn’t feel like Sunday. I continued to obsess about rearranging the living room and thought about furniture to have Leo move when he gets back and then we made dinner. Ernie grilled pork steaks and I made a sort of salad-ish thing of broccoli and gluten free spaghetti with a Thai-ish dressing. That’s a lot of ish but it was pretty good. It was from a Sam Sifton non-recipe (just noticed the kindle version of that cookbook is only $5.99!) which I like as that’s very much how I cook. Equal parts soy sauce and balsamic vinegar with dash of maple syrup and olive oil. Oh, and red pepper flakes. The broccoli was supposed to be grilled but I just threw it in a pan. I was going to do just the pork and broccoli but I’m trying to get Ernie to gain a bit of weight so I added pasta. I thought there was a tad too much vinegar last night but this mornings’ breakfast of leftovers had mellowed perfectly.