Random Saturday Notes: April 29, 2023

Eh, fucking cancer. Mind you, I’m thrilled Ernie’s back in treatment as we want to keep things under control but it’s been about a week since he started Keytruda again and the damn side effects are rolling back into town. Leo just took off to go pick up some prescriptions for him. I’m so crazy grateful for all our boys do. Damn, I just made myself teary.

Speaking of boys doing things for us, Owen installed lights on my three glass shelves in the living room and I am so happy. They are SUPER bright so I have ordered a dimmer for but in the meantime my glass is just primping and preening. It’s a super cheap lighting kit from China, who knows how long it will last. The shelves are black and without light the glass is lost. We’d tried some little battery operated lights but they didn’t last long and it was stupidly difficult to change the batteries. These are intended for under cabinet lighting but they seem to work fine here. Owen had to drill holes in the shelves for the wires and then connect it all.

This is a work in progress view…glass is not all arranged…final display decisions to be made, but you will note the handles are all turned in the right direction in honor of my beloved Jim Eyre! This is all mid 19th century American glass and I adore it.

I swear I’ve never had tulips last so long. Thank you so much, Eva and Heather. And Eva, I’m sorry, but pink tulips are better than yellow tulips.

OK, I will grant you this isn’t the prettiest meal but it was really good. I had some barramundi sitting in the freezer so we thawed it out, seasoned it with salt and sumac and browned it quickly in butter. In the meantime we’d made some gluten free spaghetti. We drained that and tossed in a couple of handful of mixed greens and let them wilt. Then we added the fish back in, a bit of pasta water and all the pan drippings. It was a tad too dry…should have added a dollop of olive oil but it felt so nice and light, if pasta can taste light. I think I overcooked the pasta a bit as it doesn’t usually break that much until it’s leftovers. Oh, and I deglazed the pan with lemon juice and bit of white wine and tossed in a bit of lemon zessst.

I’ve been criticized by some (Leo) for talking too much about my cat’s bowel habits. I really can’t fault him on that but when you’re in caregiver mode, whether it’s a cat or a human, all modesty and social constraints pretty much fly out the window. Suffice to say, Hattie is feeling MUCH perkier. Here she is assisting me with the damn CVS pharmacy website.

Last but not least. An old stone house in Eldred that seems to be abandoned in the middle of farm fields. It is the Samual Gates house c. 1830s, I believe.

Here it is in google maps. I guess there are the remains of a road there but I don’t think it’s accessible.


Finishing the April 2023 wander with delight

As we finished wandering Calhoun County we headed north to pick up 72. We were too tired for back roads all the way home. This route took us through the tiny town of Detroit, home of one of my favorite buildings. I smiled at it as we got to the intersection of IL 100 and IL 106. Then I looked to the left and there was the Detroit Dairy Delight. I ask you, how could we not stop?

Ernie kindly went to get our cones. They had caramel soft serve! Ernie, of course, got vanilla. He then attempted to come back and open the car door while holding both cones. Whoops. He went back and waited in line while I held his cone for him. When he went to pay for my replacement cone the young guy told him, “no charge.”

It was chilly and windy out so we sat in the car and admired our building as we licked our cones. There was a woodpecker in the tree in front of us.

The cones were heavenly and we both ate every bit of them. It’s very rare that Ernie eats ice cream so it felt like a bit of a holiday.

The whole trip was an incredible wander but this was one of my favorite moments.


Cat constipation alert and other notes

That headline is a warning. Some members of the family don’t care for it when I talk about my cat’s issues so I am giving you a heads up. Butts up?

I started the day trying to dig into my cat’s butt. There are so many things in life that you never imagined doing and yet, you do. This one isn’t the worst in the scheme of things but I still never thought I’d be trying to pull hardened poop out of my cat.

We’re really struggling with Hattie. I’m not sure how long we can keep doing this. She constantly is getting constipated. We are trying SO hard to balance getting enough Miralax into her, but not too much….getting her to eat and drink water. Her anal glands are like paper so if she strains at all she bursts them….even if they aren’t overly full.

Leo actually said, “When are you going to call it on the cat?” recently. Ernie and Owen also give me sideways looks sometimes. I have been worried about her lately, wondering if she’s comfortable.

Oh, Hattiegirl.

Ok, on a better note. How can you not be happy when your guy walks in the room saying, “I thought I’d listen to some of my Dillards albums. God I love him.

And yes, despite starting with my cat’s constipation issues, I will still post about food. We continue to enjoy our asparagus frenzy. Behold the beauty of Farmer Greg’s asparagus.

Crispy skinned salmon with a salad of spinach and arugula with Diana’s Vinaigrette (its official name now) and some asparagus quickly sauteed in the salmon pan. It doesn’t look nearly as good as it tasted.

We made that Worcestershire chicken again. So good.

Ernie has mastered the art of the corn tortilla quesadilla.

Needless to say, it’s a VERY good day when a signed Ian Hunter cd arrives in the mail.

When friends come by to visit and bring pink tulips, well, it’s a good day.

And I think we all know how that one rogue tulip on the left feels.