Flapping in the wind

We are indeed both flapping in the wind because we are blown AWAY by the generous donations (and words) from our friends in the GoFundMe that friends set up. Wow. The response has been incredibly kind and almost overwhelming. Thank you to each and every one of you, and thank you to everyone that put the fundraiser together. Despite feeling as though we’re not quite deserving of it, it takes a load of worry off our backs. I am so grateful that I can take leave from work on just focus on my boy. Thank you all.

I laid in bed for a long time last night, writing post after post in my head. I feel a tad guilty about all of this so some my posts were rambling explanations of how we ended up here, what personal failings were involved, etc. This morning, I realized I just need to reel it back and just say thank you. Thank you with all our heart.

I’m trying to adjust my head to not dealing with work and slowly unweaving from all the electronic alerts that are work related. Ernie is so tired. Hard to believe he’ll get more chemo on Monday. Then he’ll have a week off. Somewhere in there he’s getting a scan. Whether it’s at Carle or Barnes we are still trying to work out.

Ernie ate some breakfast so that was good. He’s dozing now. I’m doing things like writing Carle Billing to say that one of our bills is for $330 (the copay for my hysterectomy and for another appointment) but evidently the $330 payment has been applied to my physical therapy appointment, leaving me with a credit of $295 for that. Could those two things perhaps be adjusted? However, every time I hit send on the message, I get a message that they can’t send it and to try again later. Geez.

I will now leave you with two random notes!

A mug of Blue Bunny salted caramel ice cream (thank you Carrie). I have a pair of these. At one point….oh this was a long, LONG time ago…you could win a Maine Antique Digest mug if you…oh, damn, I can’t remember now…it was finding something in their online advertising and if you sent the answer you could win a mug, I can’t recall exactly. I got the first one and was delighted. I’ve always loved MAD. We started buying it on the newsstand in the pharmacy near my grandparents’ house back in the 70’s when it was still a new paper. The last few years I’ve had a digital subscription on and off but it’s just not the same. Anyway, I decided it would be nice if Ernie and I each had a mug so I entered the contest again. Yay! Another mug. Then I thought they would make great Christmas gifts for my parents. I think I won one more before they put the kibosh on my entries. Oh well, I just waited and then swooped in later to get one more, completing the Christmas gift.

Leo has a new tattoo of his beloved Illinois Central logo. Trinity is the best. Remember: Trinity at No Regrets in downtown Champaign!

Onward once again.