Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

1. It's been kind of a busy week and I celebrated and slept something like eleven hours last night. I know. Sleep and I really get along.

2. Thursday night was the Great Cover-Up and I gotta say, Owen's Funeral did themselves proud as the Strokes. They guys' hard work totally paid off and they looked confident and comfortable up on that stage. I was ridiculously proud. Last Nite is my favorite…starts a little after 14:00


3. It was also a good weekend for Leo too…had his radio show Friday night (which meant he got to avoid the house concert–a bonus for him) and bought himself a new DJ set up. My sweet peas.

You breed weasels, you get weasels, said a brilliant somebody I know.


4. Owen did a masterful job choosing flowers at Fleurish for his girlfriend.

5. The house concert was glorious and we fell in love with these people.


Side note: I love waking up to my living room looking like this.


6. Ernie has done really well with this round of chemo. Who knows what they will be like in the future, but he didn't get nearly as wiped out as he did with the first round. He still adores his heated blanket (as does Bob) but wasn't nearly as sleepy this time and didn't lose his appetite even though it was a bit off at times. The taste of food is different for him (kinda metallic) but he's doing ok.  I've mastered making a simple dish that he likes when he's not feeling great. Chicken broth, some chicken, and some leftover rice simmered a long time into something soft and chickeny and easily digested. Or Peking Garden's egg drop soup! And looking ahead at the calendar, assuming his chemo schedule stays the same, he should be fine for upcoming events…including David Olney's memorial on March 9, the great Malcolm Holcombe here at our house on March 27, and our beloved Eric Brace, Peter Cooper and Thomm Jutz here on April 17, 2020.

Onward my friends, onward.