RIP Taxi Boys And Other Notes

1. Yes, it's true. The Taxi Boys are no more. I'm ridiculously sad. However, Owen and Duncan (the drummer) were the real heart of the band and they plan to move forward. As always, the future is to be determined, but I have great faith in them.

IMG_8612 2

Photo is courtesy Leo.

2. I never imagined myself being the crazy old woman with a pile of vitamin supplements, but here I am. Thirty minutes before breakfast I take 11 pills, two liquid doses, and on powder supplement….and I'm not saying these things smell terrible, but it's not a scent, or taste, I would seek out. Most of these are only for one month, although I suppose I would get used to it.


3. I'm having a tough time climbing aboard the smoothie train, although thanks to a loan from my beloved neighbor Barb, I am efficiently zipping them up in her Vitamix. I've had some awful ones and some so-so ones, and one good one that I wish I could remember. I think I have to accept that I like kale lots when it's cooked, but in smoothies, not so much. Today's was not bad….pea greens, cucumber, blueberries, and coconut milk. I think part of it is the texture, the thinner I make them, the easier it is. I will persevere.

4. So yeah, for breakfast today, I had the said smoothie and some leftover rainbow trout. Sigh. You can't say I'm not motivated, huh?


5. I haven't felt great this week and have had a few stumbles re: cooking…basically I've stayed on track but some of our meals haven't been the tastiest. Last night was a success however. Rainbow trout filets sauteed in olive oil with pink Himalayan salt and black pepper (at least I can have black pepper, unlike some autoimmune diets, with a side of braised ginger kale in coconut milk, and Japanese sweet potatoes browned in a bit of ghee. Whew.


6. Tonight the plan is for mussels steamed in coconut milk with whatever herbs and spices I'm allowed, and perhaps some steamed romanesco. Wish me luck.