A Possible Tree Salvation, Calamari, and David Olney (I see you Oxford comma)

A shot of good news. Remember the dead tree that's on the property line between us and the brick house to the east? The one the city says we have to cut down (understandably) and that is going to cost thousands of dollars? I mean, yes, we get to split the cost but still way out of our budget? We had talked to the neighbor and he was getting an estimate. However….yesterday somebody from Ameren knocked on our door and said they needed to remove the tree because it's close to the wires.

Ernie said, "Oh, really? What would that cost?" 

"FREE," said the man.

I know. Go ahead, blink away tears. They probably won't be able to do it until September which is after the city's due date but they are contacting the city about it. Ernie and the neighbor both signed permission slips. They will leave all the wood there so we'll have to pay to have it removed but, oh man, that's FINE.

Crossed fingers it all works but that is a HUGE relief. I'm trying to think of some adjective better than huge but nothing seems else seems adequate.

Ernie came upstairs to my office to tell me, so Bob accompanied him. Of course.


We made calamari for dinner last night. It was the first time I've cooked it and I really wanted it to work because it's damn cheap for seafood, but I can't say it was a resounding success. I thought I was cooking it very quickly but it still ended up a tad rubbery. Well, to be honest, more than a tad. We had it with salad greens, crisped quinoa, and a lemony herb vinaigrette. Eh. Any suggestions? 


Our friend Pat sent Ernie this page from a Chicago paper. I don't know…Reader? Illinois Entertainer? Regardless….look down at the bottom of the Tut's ad. At the time I would have gone to the Our Daughter's Wedding show, or the Bohemia shows, or Combo Audio…all of whom I saw here in Champaign (well, we saw Bohemia all over) but right there in the mix is my beloved David Olney with the X-Rays. Of course, we were living in Champaign then, before Michigan and Chicago, and I knew nothing about David at that point but it made me so happy to see this little bit of overlap in our histories if that makes any sense. My guy.

I'm guessing '81 or '82?


Off to a Zoom meeting.