Random Pictures from the Sandwich Life

1. Ernie in his happy place: watching Jacques Pepin, a Thanksgiving show no less, and with his foot up, per doctor's orders.


2. I love this woman so much! It was such a treat to see the brilliant and beautiful Melanie Brandabur last night. She thoughtfully not only brought snacks from Watson's, but made sure there were things I could eat. God bless the Vertebrats for giving me such wonderful friends. 


3. And here's a Leo in HIS happy place, with his new mixer.


4. And so Dr. Howard came down. Although I'm nostalgically sad to see it go, I know this is needed and is being replaced on the site by a new school, so this doesn't hurt my heart and soul the way the loss of the Burnham Mansion did. Yet still….to have this school that was a big part of our life for years, to be gone…is unsettling.

IMG_0679 (1)

Earlier in the week above, and below is yesterday.
IMG_0679 (1)

5. And then there was this little guy. Nobody told him he was off-duty for the season, so went ahead and just re-bloomed. Thank you, sweet little coneflower.

IMG_0665 2