Felled by aloo mutter, buoyed as always by Kenny and Jimmy, and other random notes*

As always, despite the complications of life, we are truly blessed with friends. Two beloved folks came by this morning, Kenny Draznik and Jimmy Wald. Yup, half of my dear Vertebrats. Oh, the circles of life are so crazy. We sat in the yard and talked and then they played some songs for us. The new songs are so great…strong and true to the two of them. It was just so perfect I can’t begin to explain, our raggedy yard with a few flowers here and there and our two friends who we don’t see that often but who are so deeply familiar and dearly loved. Then they played Heart Touchers and well, damn. I remember sitting in my dorm room singing along to that song on a cassette tape of Brats songs we got from somebody. Memories and love, strong and true. Owen was sad that he was working and couldn’t be there. Next time. Next time. Thanks guys, from the bottom of our hearts.

Now some random photos.

We ordered Indian again and I was not careful in what I ate. The aloo mutter that was full of onions? Ate it. Garlicky pekoras? Ate them. Yesterday I was sick as dog. Stress really does a number on my digestive system and if I’m not careful to stay low-fodmap, look out. I’m an idiot but at least it will get me back on the straight and narrow. And it was damn good. Sigh.

My friend Susan is wonderful for many reasons. I love that she works in my yard but leaves me some Queen Anne’s Lace even though it can take over, because she knows I love it so much.

Breakfast the other day. Two fried eggs on a piece of gluten free toast. Could that yolk be any more orange?

Ok, the other day we had to get up early and as I blearily sat on the toilet I wondered why I had never noticed that the holes from the previous toilet paper holder on the wall half stripped of wallpaper across from me looked just like a person with a beard. Now he practically waves to me every time I go in there.

I can’t even recall if I’ve written about Ernie’s chemo on Wednesday. It went fine. He doesn’t go back for three weeks. Crossed fingers but so far, so good. Everyone is always great but we had a particularly wonderful nurse. I always find it somewhat dramatic when they don the protective gowns. It’s always a oh-yeah-they’re-pouring-poison-in-him kind of reminder. I was SO tired that I kept looking longingly at the bed (very bad back day). I send Heather a picture and she said that if that bed looked comfortable to me then my back must be terrible. Perspective, context, timing. So many ways to look at things.


* Yes, that’s an Oxford comma, but I just think it needed it.