The Relief Wander Day One

We planned to hit the Lincoln Highway for a ways on our trip. I looked up distances and saw Davenport was 5+ hours from so I booked a hotel there. I commented to Ernie that I didn’t think Davenport was that far but in our exhausted giddiness we just shrugged our shoulders. Of course, once we got out on the road I realized that I’d had my Google Maps set to ‘avoid highways.’ That was fine, it gave us time to wander slowly up there. We took a few pictures on the way but the exhaustion started to hit us. We’d gotten a good deal on a nice hotel so we happily checked in. They had a bar, but as with most new hotel bars, it was bright and in the lobby. I miss dark hotel bars. Instead, we curled up in our room and drank some wine. I attempted to find an online menu for their restaurant but I was too tired to figure it out. We feasted on chips and watched not just a Hallmark movie, not just a Christmas Hallmark movie, but a Christmas Hallmark movie that WE HAD WATCHED BEFORE. That’s exhaustion, folks. That is utter exhaustion.

looking ahead through the windshield…felt so good