Ernie and I are somewhat dazed and humbled by the generous donations to our GoFundMe. Our inclination is to not feel quite deserving of it all but I must say it has taken an absolutely immense weight off our shoulders, knowing that I can take a leave from work to care for Ernie, and just to BE with him. We truly can not thank you all adequately enough. I can’t tell you how different this makes me feel, even physically. Amazing what stress does TO you, and what kindness does FOR you. Your kindness is making a difference in our life.

On top of the folks that have been so generous with donations on GoFundMe (I am slowly getting thank you notes out) we want to also thank others that have already helped us, such as our beloved Jim and Diana (we SO owe you phone call…it’s just been hard keeping our heads sorted of late), and places like the Esquire, Circles Boutique and Elliott Counseling that are supporting the event on my birthday on July 23. And of course the incredible (and beloved) artist-friends that will be there, Rod Picott, RB Morris and Bark (Tim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee).

Please know how incredibly touched we are by your generosity and how much we take it to heart. We thank you.

Rod Picott, above, doing one of Owen’s and my favorites, Sheet Rock Hanger, in 2012. Below, RB at our house in 2014 if I’m not mistaken.

Tim and Susan Lee take a picture in front of the big guitar the day after their show. Last house concert before the pandemic.

Onward, with thanks and love.

I don’t know WHY I popped that old picture of us up there, but it somehow felt right. We still feel like those kids. Not all the time, but some times.