Tramadol? No. Wine? No. Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric? Yes!

I woke up yesterday morning with my stomach feeling like a half filled water balloon lurching around inside me. Not good. Suffice to say it was an unpleasant morning, dozing on and off with bizarre dreams I wish I could recall more clearly. I am thinking my lunch the day before might have been the cause….leftover shrimp is perhaps not a good idea. Blegh.

Then, in the night, I did the unthinkable and….I turned over. DAMN IT. I fucked up my back. What is going ON?

So today, although my stomach felt fine again, I spent the day flat on the couch….trying ibuprofen, tramadol and then wine.

What helped my back, you ask?

Well….a new video from Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric of one of my favorite songs of their new album.

Thank you Amy!!!