Random Video Clips from BVF

Ok, at this point I am thoroughly confused as to who did what. So these clips are from either Matt or Bob or hell, I don’t know. Wonderful little slices of the evening.

I love listening to all of us ramble as Richard attempted to herd us together for a picture. I especially like that you can hear Kristi Rose explaining to Fats that we NEED a picture with them, because she’s wearing WHITE and I’m even wearing some too.

One of my favorite comments of the evening was from Carrie, when she saw Fats and Kristi Rose walking across the field, she said from a distance Kristi Rose looked just like an angel. And that she did.

I LOVE this clip because if you look carefully all the way to the left you will see my beloved Mary Sack dancing away to RB Morris. It makes me incredibly happy. And of course, Bob’s VW bus in all its glory.

Oh, and another one below. I think this is a Bob clip. God, I love him. I consider Bob’s work to be Outsider Videography.

Isn’t it all glorious?

It does kind of kill me that we didn’t figure out a recording plan ahead of time. I SO wish I had the whole recording of this Rod Picott song. This song just hits me. I worry about places. I just do. So does Rod. I love him.

Oh, and this one below must be from Matt.

It was a magic night. I look back at these video clips and I can still feel the glow.