Random Notes from Labor Day Weekend

1. A question for you all. I've long been fascinated by this row of houses (about 4 or 5) that are in the 1700 block of Union (just off Mattis) that are all connected by some pipe running from house to house. What the hell IS this? Please…anybody?


2. We made pizza for our family movie night last night. Ernie and Owen made the pizza dough that afternoon…


Owen had cheese and sausage, Ernie and I had eggplant, chard and sausage on ours. Owen proclaimed it the best pizza ever and better than Prime-Time…our standard delivery choice. Last time we'd made pizza I'd bought a crust at Trader Joe's but this was much more fun. I think we'll need to start doing this more often.


Then we all watched a truly terrible movie together while the boys and I tried to keep Ernie from falling asleep. An absolutely lovely evening.

3. Ernie and I went out and tried to find strands of clear lights for our fence. We completely struck out. All the garden departments are gone or down to just odds and ends and the Christmas lights aren't out yet. We hit Target, Menards and Prairie Gardens. Prairie Gardens had their Christmas stuff half out so I guess if I wait a few more days I can get some Christmas lights. Unsatisfying though, darn it. I also kinda wanted to replace some of our chairs…two of them are not in good shape and I felt that in the wake of NeighborGate and our new fence I could justify spending money. Just a bit too late unfortunately. I know summer is ending but I feel as though I'm getting READY for summer. It's been so miserably hot that we haven't spent much time outside and I'm HOPING that it will start to cool off and we can be outside. So in an upside down kind of way I feel like summer is beginning….

4. My friends Diana and Jim sent me this video clip about separating egg yolks and whites. Diana had gotten it from her sister Cindy and since they had enjoyed my corn shucking microwave tip they sent it along. I LOVE this!

Here is the video they sent:


And here is Owen trying it out:

Now I'm going to have to search for recipes that need eggs to be separated!

5. I spent much of this weekend reading a book of Owen's. When we were at the gift store at the Longfellow House in Portland this year Owen picked out a book called The Lobster Coast and said he wanted it. He also wanted a little stuffed seagull. I got him both. I figured he'd never read it but when a 10 year old expresses interest in a book I just can't say no. When we got home he had put it by my bed so I could read it. I'd forgotten about it until the other night I went up to bed and found my Kindle totally dead the and charger downstairs. So I picked it up and have been absolutely mesmerized ever since. It is ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING! The full title is The Lobster Coast: Rebels, Rusticators and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier. At first glance I thought it probably focused on the lobster industry…when I looked at it more carefully though I found it is a cultural, economic, geographic and ecological history of the entire Maine coast and it's settlement….everything that has led to what it is today. Can I say "ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING" again?  So many things rang true just to my limited, although at this point 40+ years of experiences and memories of Maine. I haven't been this excited by a book in ages. The historic and cultural reasons that Massachusetts and Maine are so different? Yes. The history of Washington County, home to my beloved Lubec? Yes. The cycles of industrialization, destruction of the fishing industry…the rise of the tourist industry? Yes. VERY cool book.


6. And last but not least…don't forget….house concert with Kenny Draznik and Jimmy Wald aka Rockfield Lock. Two of my beloved Vertebrats HERE! All are welcome….just check the facebook page for details….

Rockfield lock