Stress, breakfast, Christmas gone, boys, dogs and an ode to the Esquire

Got up to do some work this morning, only to fall back asleep. Mistake number one. Then I got myself all wound up trying to do three things at once…one project, another project, starting chili with Owen, didn’t have the spices we needed, noticing how much we need to vacuum and dust and finally I said “STOP” and came here. I’m going to calm myself down with writing a few things here, then Owen and I will make chili (when poor Ernie gets back from the store) and then I will calmly work.

Ah. OK.

That’s better.

One of my favorite sights: watching Owen run up the stairs two steps at a time, even when carrying a bowl of ramen. It’s amazing. Even the way the guys go up and down the stairs is different.

There are breakfasts and then there are breakfasts. Hash from leftover roast potatoes and steamed broccoli plus two perfect sunnyside up eggs, with crispy edges and lots of pepper. My egg master is the best.
We finally broke down and took the tree down. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to see it go.
Here is one boys sweeping the porch for pine needles as the other sweeps the living room floor. One of those moments when all is right with the world.
Ernie got Daisy a bone. She’s getting rather fond of him.

Last night as Ernie and Owen decided we should order from the Esquire. Leo and I didn’t argue. Ordering from restaurants can be hard for me when I’m trying to eat right, between gluten and garlic, etc. I decided to be good and get the salmon salad which I often do. This time I ordered online and it gave me all sorts of options I hadn’t considered before. I tend to feel guilty when I just ask for no onion, etc. It’s as though the world opened up! I added black olives and red peppers and feta cheese and wasabi dressing, which in hindsight doesn’t go with feta, but somehow it all still worked. I asked for the salmon rare too and good god in heaven it was the best salad ever. It was also on fancier greens than I recall in the past. It was so damn good didn’t even ASK for a bite of one of Ernie’s wings. Delivered quickly to our door. I miss the Esquire dreadfully. It’s one of our most important third spaces. I read a great article in The Counter about this…how beloved restaurants are more than the food they serve, they are a community. I felt a little glow as I ate my salad. Thanks, Esquire, we love you.

Ok, now that I’ve recounted some nice spots from my Saturday, I think I have calmed myself down and can get to work. Well, first chili, then work.