Stupid Things I Shouldn’t Worry About This Week But I Worry About Anyway

1. It's a billion degrees outside today and tomorrow….I really can't force my husband and children to weed so people can probably NOT notice weeds on the way in and out of our house concert, can I?

2. The house is messy and dusty and smells odd. Could that be the new A/C? Or is that just us?

3. There won't be enough people. This is nothing new….I ALWAYS worry about that.

4. Sue (and Kent and anyone else she ropes in) will be too hot grilling things in a billion degrees.

5. What if one of the cats get out? We really need to get a screen door.

6. We couldn't fine enough turnips for my turnip dish.

7. I'm not going to have everything done at work so that I can go on vacation and not worry about things.

8. There won't be other girls for Sherry Rich's daughter to hang out with. My boys are charming but I'm not sure she'll be into Minecraft.

9. I won't be able to remember my wi-fi password to hook up to our fancy new thermostat.

10. The PA or something won't work.



One thing we WON'T have to worry about is the music.

THAT is covered.

Email me if you're interested in joining us!