Rainy Saturday

A half busy, half lazy day…..how lovely. We got up and headed to the farmers’ market. Came home with zucchini, chocolate mint (Farmer Greg says it makes wonderful sun tea), celery, lettuce, sugar snap peas, beets, smoked pork chops and bratwurst. I think that’s it. Oh, and green beans and purple asparagus. Yes, I got a tad carried away, nd yes, we also belong to a CSA….half share for that though…partly because I still love going to the farmers’ market. But this way, I know if I’m too sleepy to get up to go the farmers’ market…I’m still covered!

We’re having my brother in law Dennis over tonight….simple meal, just grilled brats, corn on the cob, some beet and radish slaw (I added the radish greens to it this time) and some strawberries. I’m hoping we can convince Leo to make his famous brownies.

After the farmers’ market we went to visit a friend and then I took the boys Father’s Day shopping. They were so excited….I can’t imagine a better time.

We were going to take Leo shopping for some clothes for his Washington DC trip (THIS Wednesday!!) but suddenly that seemed overwhelming and decided to do it Monday evening when it wouldn’t be so crowded. I’m such a shopping wimp.

So now, Ernie and I are sitting outside listening to the soft rain.


Early Summer Rain…by Kevin Welch.