A Patch of Blue Sky for Leo

Yesterday evening seemed to fly by.  Ernie and I were busy doing some things on the computer and the boys were of course busy playing with friends.  When I got ready to go upstairs to read I felt as though I'd barely seen Leo so I asked him to come up with me for a few minutes.  He darted up the stairs in front of me while I looked at his long legs in the jeans that had to be rolled up several times when we bought them….and now just cover his legs.  We laid down on the bed together in the dark and he even let me put my arm under his head and pull him next to me.  We talked desultorily about the day and the weekend coming up.  I can't remember exactly how the conversation ran but at one point I said to him, "I know the last couple of years have been hard honey."  He was quiet for a minute and then he said, "every year, either in the middle, or at the beginning, somebody in our family dies."  I hugged him and, "I know honey, I know.  But things are getting better.  And we did the very best we could for taking care of them.  Each of them: Grandpa, Aunt Judi, and Grandma.  We took care of them the best we could and now things are getting better."  He nodded and we talked a little more.  Then he'd had enough cuddling and jumped up and announced he was going downstairs.  I told him that this had been so nice that we'd have to do it every night.  He said maybe once in a while….I countered with every other night and he just giggled and raced downstairs.  I laid there thinking for a long time before I picked up my book.