Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

1. I have come to the sad realization that I don’t like turnips or turnip greens. I love all kinds of greens: chard, collard, kale, mustard….but the turnips let me down. I don’t know whether I’m more disappointed in the turnips or myself.

2. People, can we NOT call sandwiches ‘sammies?’

3. Last night Owen and I cooked a pork tenderloin. Actually, he did most of it. Coated it with a spice rub with garam masala and a few other things….seared it in a pan and then popped it in the oven. Ernie made a bit of rice and when everything was done I cooked some bedraggled but still good kale in the pan from the meat. Served it with the last of the cranberry sauce (my cranberry sauce was particularly good this year, don’t know why). It was crazy good. Simple but good and didn’t make me feel like I’d overeaten or eaten unhealthily. The best part however? Owen went to get more kale and it was gone. Yes, OWEN WENT TO GET MORE KALE… This was a breakthrough. He’s always hated kale. So turnip greens be damned, I’ve still got it!

4. Ernie’s struggling with the damn catheter. He’d hoped to get rid of it but has to have it until Friday at the latest. I told him to try to think of the catheter bag as a pet. He and Owen have named it Buckley.

5. The first thing I did today was walk in cat vomit.

6. Last but not least: Bob of the day.