Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

1. I feel bleary today. I feel the way the sky looks.

2. I was upset about something last night, muttering and spitting. As Leo went off to get our Black Dog order for Owen’s birthday, Ernie tried to get me to calm down. I tried but finally said, “I don’t get over things quickly.” A loud noise emanated from Ernie, some kind of collision of choking, coughing and gasping, and he said,’ You don’t have to tell ME, babe.” And then I think he laughed a lot.

3. Black Dog was great. I got the smoked salmon salad, no dressing (since I figured they probably all had garlic or onion), no onion, and it was thing of beauty. The greens were gorgeous (I think they use Blue Moon). I used some olive oil and a few dashes of the Grovestone lemon balsamic vinegar that our dear friends Carrie and Bill had given us and oh, MAN, was it good! Everyone’s food was great and they even wrote a birthday message on one of the boxes. ❤️

4. Sunday afternoon Ernie, Leo and I curled up and watched the last three episodes of season two of Mandalorian. I gotta say, it was pretty wonderful. Despite all the shooting (as the boys like to point out, it’s Star WARS) it’s very romantic. Not romantic in the sense of love, but romantic in the sense of fairy tale grand adventures. I’m quite sure I never would have become such a fan without the boys (er, well, or Harrison Ford….lord I’ll never forget the movie in which he died. Owen had to retire to his room for hours afterward) but I do love it…even if I do sometimes need Leo’s commentary to help me sort out what is going on. It was a lovely way to spend a snowy, icy afternoon.

5. I love this little guy. I am in no way ready to give up Christmas yet. Our tree is still gorgeous and fresh thanks to Owen’s catheter watering system, and we’re still listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. We’ve moved on from Hallmark as I think we’d seen them all (we don’t do the ones that involve royalty, magic or time travel) so now we’re just getting random Christmas movies on Netflix. Tomorrow is Epiphany. Normally Ernie gets itchy to get the tree down but this morning he uttered the magic words, “You can leave it up all year if you want.”

6. I miss David Olney so much. I’ll never forget Owen’s perfect comment after he passed, “I always thought he’d be in the background of my life doing interesting things.” Mary posted this yesterday and it just made us laugh and laugh and miss him so much.