Paprika and Chard Shrimp

Good Lord, my cooking has been BEYOND lackluster of late. However, last night I managed to bring it. We had a pound of shrimp we’d bought for New Year’s Eve (I jettisoned my sustainable principles for the evening and got cheap shrimp) that we hadn’t used. I also had a big bunch of Swiss Chard from Farmer Greg that I was afraid was going bad. It was still gorgeous luckily. I didn’t feel like doing too much so I kept it simple.

Ernie was in charge of peeling shrimp and making rice. I stripped the chard from the stems and chopped them up and then cut the leaves up roughly. I tossed the stems in with olive oil and sauteed them, then I added the shrimp along with maybe a teaspoon or two of smoked paprika and a good sized sprinkle of red pepper flakes. I cooked until the shrimp were partially done and then added the chard leaves. They weren’t cooking down as quickly as I liked so I added a ladle or so of some stock I had going in the crockpot. Tossed it a bit more and had it over rice. It was perfect for the cold, icy night and took no time. Oh, there was salt and pepper in there as well.