Help for our beloved Tom Mason

There are some people you meet and you just feel like a better person for knowing them. Tom Mason is one of those people. We first met him ten years ago when he came here with the inimitable Phil Lee. He’s played several house concerts for us and we have run into him when we’ve been in Nashville. Hell, he even married two of our friends!

He gives great hugs and he’s incredibly talented, wonderfully curious, and so, so kind. We adore him and consider him a dear friend. He’s one of the good ones.

This year has not been a good one for him, however. Here’s some info from his GoFundMe page:

Tom Mason has brought much joy and love into so many of our lives. It’s now time to help return the favor. Please consider supporting this genuinely wonderful human being and helping him on his road to recovery from stage 4 colon cancer.

In June of 2021 guitarist, troubadour, and captain of the Blue Buccaneers Tom Mason was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, with the cancer entering his liver. Since then he has been receiving chemotherapy at Tennessee Oncology. While undergoing treatment Tom played Feste the Fool in Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s production of “12th Night” for which he also composed the music and recorded a CD, and has been playing a few local shows. Along with that work and the help of MusiCares and Music Health Alliance he was able to cover the bills, but now the funding has run out and a new year is approaching with a whole new set of deductibles. We’re raising funds to cover his medical and living expenses to help him recover and get back to making people happy on stage.  

Do I need to say it? Sigh. Fucking cancer.

Music, and those that create and perform it are so important in our lives, but working as a musician doesn’t come with much of a safety net. If you are able to help at all, I know it will be much appreciated.

Love, prayers, and good thoughts are welcome too. Another way to support him is to BUY HIS MUSIC! And given that’s it’s December, you’ve got two holiday options. We loved last year’s Christmas album but we loved his slide guitar Christmas cd long before we’d ever met him! They are all great. We don’t even have the most recent so will be getting that for ourselves as a Christmas treat.

Also, his virtual tip jar.

We love you, Tom. I’ll be on your shoulder, as my mother always said to me when I was going through something tough.